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Bill N Back is an original animated series concept that
was created, written, drawn, and directed entirely by
Olivier Brisson.

In 2015, Olivier quit his full-time job to create a pitch
bible, a screenplay, and the pilot episode. The goal was
simple: show what he could do as a creator/director,
as well as seeking out producers and investors to be
able to bring the series to life.

There will be new content on this website every 2 weeks.
A teaser trailer is scheduled for September 2017
followed by the pilot episode in Q2 2018.

Welcome to Bill N Back’s universe!

Bill N Back

Bill N Back

Bill N Back is an Action/Adventure, 2D/3D animated
series for kids 6-11 years old.

The whole universe of the show is based on the
concept of evolution: the world is constantly
changing. The core of the series is about the journey
of its lead characters Bill and Back: a simple-minded
blue wolf and an arrogant pink rabbit. Unlike 99% of
the characters living in the EVO world, Bill and Back
are not a perfect blend between two animals; they
are Siamese twins.

Bill N Back
Bill N Back
Bill N Back
Bill N Back
Bill N Back
Bill N Back
Bill N Back
Bill N Back
Bill N Back
Beaver and Lion Equation
Dino and Skull Equation
Wolf and Cloud Equation

Characters Concept

Every character in the series is a mix of
an animal with another animal, an animal
with an object or an animal with a natural

Bill N Back
Jared Striped
Brian Giant
Cloud Wolf
Wallo Pollo

Allies and Friends

Bill and Back will meet some friends
and allies through their adventures.
Here are a few.

Bill N Back Legend
Bill N Back Legend Wind
Bill N Back Legend Earthquake
Bill N Back Legend Tectonic Plates
Bill N Back Legend Water

The Legend

The Legend is responsible
for every climatic changes
in the EVO world.

Hill Land

Water Land

Cloud Land